What does the Crate subscription cost?

It depends on what size you choose. We have Solo (299/week), Family (899/week), Feast (1199/week)

Is there a difference in price for the all fruit, all veggie, and mixed produce crate?

Only the produce changes, not the price.

What are Crate’s delivery areas?

Currently, Crate is available to everyone in Metro Manila. We already have customers from the north to the south.

How does the payment go?

You will be billed on a monthly basis. And you will get 4 crates every billing cycle.

What else do I have to pay?

The wooden crate deposit is 200 (for solo), 300(for family) and 400(for feast). It is refundable once you decide you don’t want it at the end of your cycle.

Can I keep the crate?

Definitely, most of our customers do because they love how lovely it looks.

Can I send a crate as a gift?

Definitely, We’ve already done this for other people and we definitely know how to surprise.


How are the Crate contents planned?

Every week, our procurement team picks the best and most in season fruits. You will get a surprise every time.

Can we choose the contents of the crate?

You can choose what type of crate you want. But you won’t be able to choose what exactly goes in.

What if I have dietary restrictions/allergies? / Can I customize the contents of my Crate?

Just send us an email and we’ll make sure that you still get to enjoy your Crate (we’ll remove your allergies)

What should I expect to find in each Crate delivery?

Aside from the farm fresh produce, you will also be getting a printout with links to proper storage tips and recipes.

Can we alternate between fruit crate and veggie crate?

You can definitely change or try each one on a monthly basis. Just give us atleast a 10 day heads up so we can plan accordingly.

Can I upgrade to a bigger crate if I’m not satisfied with size of the crate I ordered?

Definitely! Once your cycle ends, we’ll upgrade you to fit on what exactly you need.

Can I get a sample produce list?

Please check our previous crates section here at : Previous Crates

Will the produce be enough for a week? how many meals?

The Solo is good for 1 pax, the Family for 4, and the Feast for 6. Each person will get 4 meals. (Solo = 4 meals, Family = 16 meals, Feast = 24 meals)

Where can I get the recipe cards?

You can see all of our recipes here at Crates Recipes


Are the produce organic?

Right now, not all are organic. We do put organic produce from time to time. It really depends on what our farmers recommend.

Are the produce non-GMO?

It depends on the farmer we are working with. We work with all sorts of farmers from organic, to conventional farmers.

Where do you get the produce from?

We source our produce from farmers in Baguio, Pampanga, Bicol, Pangasinan, Davao.


When should I expect delivery?

You should expect your delivery anytime between 10am and 6pm.

What if I’m not home to receive the delivery?

You can let us know to whom we can leave the produce with.

Can I hold/change/cancel my Crate order?

Just send us an email at

Can we select a delivery schedule?

Right now, we only deliver every tuesday. But we are targetting to make deliver on other days as well. Stay tuned.

Can I stop my subscription / put in on hold, just in case I’ll be out on a trip?

We can accommodate this request for you for 1 time only.

Can I change my delivery address depending on the delivery time frame?

Sure! We can deliver to your office or to your home. Just let us know.

Is it possible to have the crate delivered to my office?

Yes! And we would definitely love for you to show off your fresh crate of fruits to your colleagues